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When I joined I said I didn't know much about computers. Well I did take a picture- No I didn't clean the glass or set it up but I did get it on my desktop. Now I can e-mail it to you but as far as publishing it?? Wants my URL address?? Help and I'll post it- or I'll try. I see in my original post I spelled house-hose and a couple of other things I would have done differently so.... George
You have to upload your px to snapfish or flickr. Once you have it uploaded you bring the px up and click on all sizes. Choose the size you want and it will have a URL for that size. That is the URL that the little px icon of this post box want. Copy and paste it in the px icon window and it will insert it in your post.

(BTW I fixed the spelling you wanted.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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