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Just switched to PPS-Pro

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After several weeks of PMDD routines, I have had little green algae forming on my glass as well as long strings starting to form on my plants.

I have just switched to the PPS pro and hopefully will get better results.

Just to make sure I am not messing anything up, can someone let me know this is okay to do.

I am dosing the trace elements every other day and the other solution is dosed on the days my TE is not dosed. (every other day)

Is this okay or is it more of a daily dosing of both?
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Isn't PPS-Pro designed for daily dosing?

Some people have reported GSA issues and adding 2x to 4x of KH2PO4 into their solutions has mostly fixed this problem.
Yes PPS-Pro needs to be dosed daily in the morning and both solutions #1 and #2 at the same time. If you have long string flexible algae then that is usually an indication of new aquarium not being broken-in yet. This may take anything from 2-6 months time. Make sure you clean the water from the previous dosing and if you have some test kits give us your readings.
Oh dangit..Glad I posted this. I don't know what made me think these could not be dosed together.

Okay, so I will start dosing daily then. I am guessing my though was since the two solutions couldn't be made into one that maybe they should be dosed seperate days.

I will start the daily dosing of both then.

The tank has been set up for about 1.5 years but just recently went planted.

I will let you know what the readings I get from my kits.

Thanks for the help guys. I'm still a newbie!
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