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Keeping Blackworms alive

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Hello folks,
thought i would share a recent discovery i made regarding keeping blackworms alive and healthy over long periods of time without the need for regular waterchanges.

simply add ZEOLITE to the water with the worms. i keep about 2oz of worms in the bottom of a plastic gallon milk container, covered with a bit of water, and ~2tblsp of zeolite. simply keep the worms just barely covered, and aerate the water gently with an airstone. sprinkle a few flakes of food in every other day or so, or more once you get a feel of how much your worms are actually feeding.

the benefits of the zeolite are;
1. very! reduced need to do waterchanges
2. worms live longer as a result of cleaner water
3. worms can climb up the zeolite to get to the surface to breathe/dryout (or do whatever it is they do) if they want to do so.

lastly... ive found that when feeding the worms in a worm feeder, if i place a tsp or 2 of zeolite in the feeder with the worms, they take much longer to come out. the more zeolite you add the the feeder, the longer it takes the worms to come out, and the more worms can be fit it. this technique served me very well last week when i went away on vacation for the 4th. i loaded the feeder with worms and zeolite, and when i came home, there were still a few worms left in the feeder alive. happy fish!!
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