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keisuke's layout

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Nice to meet you.
New member from Hong Kong(China).
Please comment.
Topic: Sunrise and downhill.


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Pleased to meet you. :)

Beautiful tank and photos. I wouldn't be able to resist and keep only the one kind of plant, but it does have a beautiful theme.
To me personally that tank is what I consider "perfect" - simple and beautiful.

I think I've seen it before - it had a few cardinals in it but because the tank is tiny they looked too big for it. I don't think the tank needs any fish but Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae) might be a good choice.

I also really like the tank. You do a great job of keeping the background of the tank very clean and make the tank look very large. I think you could use tape so the the gravel is not so distracting. just wrap the tank in tape so you only see the glosso instead of so much gravel.
A beautiful little aquarium! I hope you will be entering this little tank into the AGA contest.

However, I do agree with Niko that a small schooling fish would add to the effect. At this point, the layout looks too empty. Have you considered some of the really Boraras or Sundadanio species?

Sundadanio axelrodi would provide a refreshing blue color that blends in more softly with the blue background. Boraras maculata and urophthalmoides would add a touch of red. It depends on what effect you want. :)

very nice laout. Feeling peacefull. But much more better with 10-20 pieces of cardinal tetra.

just my 2 cents.
Boy, I don't know any of those fish Carlos! lol Is there a quick reference webpage like tropica, but for fish?

A group of schooling fish would look great in this tank. But even now, I like it alot. Very calming and simple. Nicely done!

You are so kind. And your advice help me a lot.

I really like Glossostigma elatinoides so much. It makes the foreground more attractive. I saw some attractive Japanese layout. They made me wonder if I can use only Glossostigma elatinoides to provide a special landscape. Also, I kept only the one kind of plant because the depth of my tank is only 7.5 inch. It is impossible to add mid-ground plant with such depth. Thanks.

I added a pair of Dicrossus maculatus. Also, Epalzeorhinchus siamensis.
Hyphessobrycon amandae is a great idea. Thanks.

I try to wrap the tank in tape next time.

Thanks. Most of my friends in Hong Kong noted the AGA contest. Also, waynesham may enter into the AGA contest too. :)

I like tetra, especially Paracheirodon axelrodi. It is quite cheap over here.
Thanks for your advice.

Schooling fish like tetra seems great. Thks.
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