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I saw mostly good reviews from my web research on (this forum included) before I placed my purchase with them. However I feel it is my duty to highlight to others that Kenfish isn't a good experience for me.

I had placed a order (from Singapore) ~USD180+ for some LED lighting equipment to be shipped to a friend in California on the 28th April. My cc was immediately debited and until 17th May, there is still no sign of shipment made. The order tracking on their website just showed the "Order Received" dated back to my online purchase date! Multiple attempts to contact them via phone and through their online inquiry form were useless: There was no pick up on their phone line, no attempt to call u back after leaving contact #. Using their Inquiry Form was even more frustrating: Instead of a real response pertaining to the status of my purchase, all I got via emails was advertisements and a return link for me to give reviews to the item I "purchased"!!! Any reply to their emails will bounced back right away.

I am forced to call my cc company to dispute this charge on the 17th of May. Today I called again and was relieved to hear that Kenfish had re-credited me the purchase amt on the 18th May. It was very dissatisfying and disappointing that I did not even receive a decent email apology for screw-up or an explanation. I had purchased many items online all round the world from major retailers to private sellers and Kenfish was the worst! I hope they are not out to cheat capitalizing that I'm simply buying a gift to ship to an oversea friend and then forgotten about the purchase....
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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