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While setting up a new aquarium, I placed two orders totaling a bit over $650 with Ken's. A question sent regarding proper tubing size went unanswered until I telephoned. Pricing was good, though not always the best. Shipping a bit slow, but I was repainting and awaiting a carpet install before I set up my new tank; so no harm, no foul.

When I set up my new tank, I discovered the Eheim/Jager heater had come with the suction cups but no mounting bracket. Again I sent a message to Ken's and again received no response.

While I don't blame the vendor for the missing part, this is always a risk one takes when ordering online. The mark of a good online vendor is how they handle these issues. Ken failed here. I got the bracket on Amazon for a little less than $10 and will not use Ken's again. As others have written, he is a good deal as long as things go well. Otherwise, use at your own risk. A shame to lose customers over an item that would have cost him a couple of bucks.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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