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I have a doubt about KH, PH and biogenic decalcification.
There are many plants in my "low tech" aquarium and I recently added some neocaridinas shrimps.
The water KH is about 1, GH about 5.5 and PH is floating from 7.1 (in the morning, before lights are on) to 7.5 at night after the photoperiod.
The photoperiod is divided in two, from 10AM to 1PM and from 6PM to 9PM (about 60 lumens/liter, led spots and fluorescent tubes).
There aren't CO2 injection and no fertilization. Canister filter (800 liters/hour) and coolers blowing the water surface when needed to maintain temperature around 25ºC.
120 liters tank, only 2 neocaridinas shrimps (and a few breed) and smal physa snails.
I wanna reduce this PH floating and I know that a higher KH helps to do that.
I fear about biogenic decalcification, I mean, since I don't use CO2 injection, which KH value is safe to maintain PH stability and avoid biogenic decalcification (and a huge PH increasing)?
Should I increase KH?

The plants in the aquarium are (as named here in Brazil):
Althernanthera reineckii (recently added, in adaptation)
Anubia barteri nana
Bacopa Caroliniana
Blyxa Japonica
Cypherus Helferi
Ehinodorus Parviflorus Tropica (only one)
Eleocharis sp. Japan
Hygrophilas Polysperma (the most in aquarium)
Lobelia Cardinalis variegata (recently added, in adaptation)
Round Pelia moss
Ludwigia ovalis
Ludwigia sp. Red
Marsileia Quadrifolia (only a few)
Microsorium Pteropus (only a few, doesn't grow up)
Najas guadalupensis (only a few)
Nymphoides Aquatica
Nymphoides Cristata
Phyllanthus Fluitans
Rotala Mexicana (only a few)
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