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Killie eggs

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but I found an ebay seller with many many different types of killie eggs on ebay that you might be interested in.
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Have you personally dealt with this person?
I ask because a friend with a lot more money than this poor college kid has bought a lot of eggs from various overseas sources. Some places have served him better than others, and SE Asia has been notorious for not getting viable eggs to folks in the US. I'm not saying this seller sells bad eggs, just noting that, in general, sellers from this region have trouble getting good eggs to survive in transit.
Perhaps a link to the AKA is in order... but I dont have 25 posts... so I guess I have to do this: aka. org (remove space). Lots of folks in this group raise lots of different fish, and fish and eggs are available from members all the time. Also sellers have the AKA code of ethics keeping an eye on them.
I looked at his rating and is 99.1% for more than 1000+ auctions. Seems very reliable, but I myself has not bought anything from him.
I bought from them before and had less than ideal results, but the packaging and shipping indicates that they're not fooling around. Someone in the local killi club agreed with the quality packaging. I was inexperienced in hatching fish from eggs so I'm going to give them another shot. I just ordered some notho rachovii eggs. I have live foods to feed now too, that can't hurt.

I looked at his rating and is 99.1% for more than 1000+ auctions. Seems very reliable, but I myself has not bought anything from him.
The problem with feedback for selling annual killie eggs is that you almost always have to wait past the feedback period to actually hatch the eggs. Basically, that 99.1% is folks that, as Macfan said below, got a good looking package. It doesn't tell the full story if any of those folks managed to get fish from the eggs. Again, I have not dealt with this person, and am not accusing them of having bad eggs, I just question the plug for the seller if there is no real experience behind it.
I would still say for anyone looking for eggs, the AKA is a much better source. Aquabid has some very good sellers as well. Why go to Asia for a fish you can get here in the states?
AKA is american killiefish association for those who don't know. it took me a few to figure it out. I am horrible at acronyms.
Good points fishboy23. I suppose the only reason would be because he has dozens of species of killies available all the time that might be hard to get in the USA - though I don't really know since I'm not a killie breeder.

Anyway, just thought I would post it to be helpful.
I think it was helpful, if only to spur discussion... although perhaps this is the wrong forum, in which case that's my fault. Anyway, this might be a good source, but failing that, where is a good source for Killi eggs? I'm interested in breeding them, but I'm totally ignorant about where to find eggs except for maybe through vendors such as the one posted here.

I have seen killies for sale on and bought live adults that arrived in good shape.

They also sell killi eggs there too but I've never bought eggs from online.
An AKA membership gets you a year of the Business NewsLetter (BNL) and 6 issues of the Journal of the AKA (JAKA). The BNL is home to the "fish and egg listing" where members send in lists of fish they have available. Most often, eggs will be available, as are fish. Not a lot for sale in the winter, not too many folks like to ship, but there are times when the listings are several pages long and consist of some nice fish.
As stated, aquabid is a source, one with mixed results. In general, feedback doesn't lie. As I said in a previous post, in general, SE Asia has trouble getting good eggs to the US, so I would tend to avoid sellers from that area. Germany is often a good source. My only personal experiences with eggs from overseas were from user Pillet and Corycory. Both sent eggs that were clearly viable when they got to me. The eggs from Pillet hatched out several fry (5 or 6 anyway, out of 20 eggs--a pretty good rate with an annual fish). The eggs from Corycory I distributed around, didn't keep any for myself, but I know at least some of the eggs turned out good fish, and I know all bags had viable eggs, having checked them myself before getting them to their final destinations.
Hope that helps.
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