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It's very nice, but I suspect I'm the same as everybody else here and probably grow more than jsut crypts.

Any chance of seeing some close ups of those Bonsai in your garden?
You have sharp eyes bro, creating bonsai is long term project, require huge amount of times and patience. I'm learning bonsai creation from a master who have 40years experiences in this field, Chinese bonsai history is more than 3000 years but sadly the real technics of bonsai making are almost lost.

Most of the products you see in the internet/market are Japanese style who they learned incompletely from China hundreds years ago. They believe by collecting and potting young tree followed by style the young tree by pruning, wiring and jining can make a good bonsai in shorter time, that's why most of the product you seem unbalance if measure the ratio of the trunk with whole tree.

If you search dictionary for the word bonsai this is the result you will get
Tree or plant that has been dwarfed using special techniques
but there real meaning of bonsai is the scenario of nature "replica" on pot, its more than the tree itself, it attach to chinese philosophy.

Bonsai should be started styling (trunk) since very young age, few months after growing from seed, a tree about 6" tall can aged about 6 years old or older, the qualified bonsai shouldn't taller than 1 meter. The actual value of bonsai is very much equal to time spent.

Picture below is a bigger tree about 10 years old, unfinished product

This tree is much smaller but one of the oldest i have, about 15 years old

This young tree aged about 7 years old
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