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Lands Of Sarawak is my new 65cm ADA tank for my new home :D
I wanted a iwagumi tank, simple, clean, without rules.......all easy. This is my small "making off" :D

The begining.........The tank very very clean :D

Penac W and Penac P

Bacter 100

Clear Super

Tourmaline BC bag of Power Sand S

Smoothed substrate (Amazonia II and Sarawak sand)........

Finished substrate!!!! :D

Some Ohko Stones.......simple, no rules :D

.....and some of moss

...then I planted with Eleocharis acicularis and Blyxa japonica, filled with water and I added a "concoction of bacteria boosting mix" (thank you for LC and guys of ADA Malaysia :wink: )

Cloudy water :( ........

.......but all is clean the next day !!!! :D

Time, time and more time.......21 days later

This is all...for today :D

Tank specs:

Tank: 65x35x40 cm (91 liters)
Light : DIY fixture with 4x24w T5 (Phillips Activive 8000ºK)
CO2: presurized with ADA Pollen Glass Large 20
Substrate: Penac W and P, Bacter 100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC, Power Sand S, Amazonia II, Sand
Filter: Eheim 2324 (foam, Bio Rio, NA carbon)
Plants: Vesicularia sp, Eleocharis acicularis, Blyxa japonica
Fishes and invertebrates: Otocinclus affinis, Hyphessobrycon amandae, Neocaridina heteropoda red and yellow

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Hi Rub,

The layout is very nice but I think that you've used too many rocks with the same size.
Try to use more rocks (small) in front of those to give more detail and depth.

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I agree with Filipe. I'd also suggest spreading the larger rocks about, so that they are not all on the same line. Some in the back, some middle and like already suggested, smaller at the front.

At the moment it is very orderly - 3 straight horizontal lines. If you could "mix it up" a bit it would give more depth and interest.


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Hi Filipe, Messy
Thank you for your comments.
I agree with you but these were the only rocks that arrives to my home from UK (12 kgs). I have one extra piece in home and I can try break it...the only problem: is tooooooooo fragile and soft rock :confused:


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Hi! Thanks for your comments .

Can you get a close up of the moss and the Eleocharis acicularis? I'd like to see the size of the Eleocharis acicularis in connection with the moss.
Hi a pleasure for me

And one "side-shot"

As you can see, Eleocharis is a great invasive plant
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