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Large java fern fair asking price???

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Hey, I've never sold any of my plants, but this clump of java fern is way too big for my 20 gal high. It's attached to a rock, so what do you guys think would be a fair asking price and how would I ship it without the rock rolling and crushing the plants? The measuring tape in the photos is 6"

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I have never shipped any plants but from what I have read here on the forum, you wrap the leaves in wet paper towels. I would then encase the rock & plant in styrofoam to keep it immobile during shipment. ---sort of like putting a plaster-of-paris cast on a broken arm. Custom fit two haves of styrofoam & duck tape them together with the plant and rock inside. Should work---I think. Save the plant for me and I'll give you $5.00 for it. It's gorgeous.
Thanks for the reply. I actually dropped it off last night at a LFS for two larger portions of nana petite. I will use your idea of the styrofoam for my next java fern batch. From about three plants I have gotten so much java fern its not even funny. This stuff grows without even trying! Put em in a window and they take off!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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