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This rock just seems too Big...Im wondering if I should hammer it down to a smaller size. This is a 10 Gallon Aquariu you're looking inside. Input/feedback?
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It does look big front to back. Do you have a whole front tank view of this same tank? Are you going for a certain style? How do you see a plant layout in this tank?
I was planning on an iwagumi style layout... here is a front pic, it is not very good but it works...
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If you are going for an iwagumi, why not stand the larger rock up with support of some additonal rocks then add more substrate to cover the support rocks.
I attached my rock to a thin piece of slate. As big as that rock is it might negate the small rock if stood up.
I've got a new pic of the layout...I think it might work. Ill post as soon as I get it on the guys let me know what you think
Image of current, etc?
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Oh I like that much better. Can't wait to follow your journal
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