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tsunami said:
1) Does the aquascape make an original creative impression to the viewers?
Not especially. I don't see a lot of wood with blobs of moss tied to the branches, but that is probably a good thing.

2) Is the aquascape composed well (is there compositional balance within the aquascape)?
Yes the overall composition works for me. It seems balanced but I think I would prefer a different choice of matierials.

3) Are the aquatic plants appropriately positioned within the aquascape? Does the balance exist in the colors and shapes of the plants used?
Except for the mound in the center foreground the plants are appropriately positioned, but I think too many varieties of plants have been used. The number of different plants filling similar roles in the aquascape give a cluttered impression. Probably at least two species could be removed from this tank without altering the composition.

4) Do you feel harmony between the fish and the aquarium layout?
Naturally, the fish are hiding. They are visible in the window under the arching branch despite themselves, and that little glimpse of them is a positive feature of the aquascape.

5) Is the aquascape laid out well making a natural looking atmosphere?
I don't think so. The wood with the tufts of moss on the ends of the branches looks a bit like a weather-beaten tree. That semblance is damaged a bit by the softness of the moss, but if this isn't meant to look like a tree, then it just looks very contrived. If it is meant to look like a weather-beaten tree then it should probably be in weather-beaten surroundings. The stand of stem plants in the corner are incongruous. Perhaps some tall rocks would lend more to a weather-beaten appearance.

Roger Miller
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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