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Roger, I echo many of your positive comments about Gerry's tank. The vibrancy is almost startling and very pleasant. The tank has great "wow" effect. And I think, though I'm no expert, Gerry was concious of the "Golden Mean" principles of perspective. Note that center upright stone. Very compelling.
However, as you say, Roger, there are some weaknesses that keep this tank from going over the top.
That right-most upright stone that leans away from the center has the effect of scattering the focus. It breaks the "mood". If it had leaned into the viewer, rendering it a "neutral", it would not have blocked the viewer's eye from sweeping left to the focal point.
And, I agree that the focal point, the "alley", is too far left, missing the 1/3, 2/3's mark.
The "gate posts" are also unsettling. The coloration of N. pedicellata is weak there and the shaping of the Ammania is a little clumsy. The effect is to block the eye from going beyond the "alley".
Its easy to be critical but that's what this exercise asks of us. Despite that, Gerry, yours is a wonderful tank. Mine should be so nice.

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