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I like this aquascape. It has some features I enjoy and a few that I don't like as much.

Most imporantly I like the overall impression. It is bright and clean. The colors are vibrant. The aquascape makes a pleasing contast with last week's offering where the colors where generally dark -- alsmost somber if not for the white sand foreground. I normally don't like white-bright backgrounds, but the very light background may be an important part of the vibrant nature of this aquascape. Perhaps the overall impression could be preserved without such a blinding effect if the backdrop had a little color to it.

I like the stone work. Jerry has done a good job of planting around the stones. He uses them to provide settings and contrasts for the plants.

The primary focus for the aquascape appears to be the alley to the back of the tank. The aquascape very effectively draws the eye to the back of the tank. But while this is an effective feature there are a few things about it that don't impress me that much. First, the aquascape is composed with that opening quite far to the left--a little imbalanced. Second, I don't really like the similar-but-different "gate posts" formed by the Nesea and Ammannia -- I would prefer it if he had used just one plant in this role. Finally, the Blyxa at the back of the tank provides the viewer with relatively little reward. A more interesting plant -- or a stone or even a cultural object -- might serve better at that point.

More generally I think the Blyxa has been overused and that is my primary complaint about the aquascape. It is so dark that it provides the aquascape with little more than a textured shadow. I would prefer it if Jerry had used more of the Anubias to provide the separation between foreground and background and relegated the Blyxa to a less prominent role. I think the Blyxa would work well providing dark accents to a mid ground that is mostly planted with Anubias.

Roger Miller
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