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Layout Critique #13 (Jerry)

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I'll also be taking ADA/Amano/AGA layout suggestions to post here. Just PM me on which tank you would like to see here.


Plants: Glossostigma elatinoides, Blyxa japonica, Ammannia gracilis, Nesaea pedicellata, Rotala rotundifolia, Rotala rotundifolia 'Green', Anubias barteri var. nana
Fish: Paracheirodon axelrodi (cardinal tetrras)

Questions an ADA judge would ask (taken from contest booklet...they judge on creativity, composition, fish choice, creation of natural atmosphere, aquarium condition, and viability):

1) Does the aquascape make an original creative impression to the viewers?

2) Is the aquascape composed well (is there compositional balance within the aquascape)?

3) Are the aquatic plants appropriately positioned within the aquascape? Does the balance exist in the colors and shapes of the plants used?

4) Do you feel harmony between the fish and the aquarium layout?

5) Is the aquascape laid out well making a natural looking atmosphere?

Some questions of my own:

1) What compositional rules does this layout follow? Which compositional rules does it break?

2) What are the main elements in this layout? How do they work together harmoniously (or unharmoniously)?

3) What type of atmosphere/impression does this layout seem to create for the viewer?

Just questions to help aid discussion. However, discussion can head in directions that have nothing to do with the above questions (but still relate to the above aquascape).

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November 2004 ( an issue which does, BTW feature a 4 page article on ADG)
Jeff, I got my issue in the mail today. Great job! Nice to see you in aquajournal with the rest of hobby's best. They didn't send you the article in English did they? It would be nice to read it.
ADG featured in AQUA JOURNAL # 109

Thanks so much! I wasn't sure how many people in the US get AQUA JOURNAL- you can, as you know, subscribe directly from ADA for about $100/year (a bargain if you ask me). Hey just a heads-up - ADG is is working on a distributorship of the ADA product line. We are meeting with Amano's main-man at the AGA Convention to finalize details.
That is great news Jeff. Finally, 8000K HQI in the US. Looks like another company is importing ADA products at the end of november, just in case you didn't know.
more info,
The low profile style HQI lights are the best thing going.
Add an e ballast and that's a winner.

I still greatly prefer the Triton color mix (at 7200K ) over the 8000-8800K lights but the 8800K are very nice in appearance to my eye.

I think there are two other companies that also sell a similar style of HQI small low profile, (6"X3"X4") Triangular prism shaped fixture.

These take up the least amount of room while providing a lot of light.
So they do not detract from the overall look like those big ugly globes(175W).

The MH's from Aquatic eco are nice also and use the small HQI's and look like the Dupla HQI lights and older small style MH's(these are about 8Hx8-9" Dia). and 4 or more are 135 with light bulb.

If you folks are interested, I can get 150w HQI light bulbs for about 35$ ea in the 5000, 6500K and 10K range.

Also, anyone in the Bay area, I have 15lb CO2 tanks for 55$ filled.

I think I'll be using the Triangular lamps as the main type of lighting as I have always enjoyed open tops anyway.

They cost a lot but they are worth it to me as this is the main electrical cost and driving energy of a tank.

The open top also allows you to raise the light thereby lowering the intensity much easier than other designs.

Tom Barr
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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