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James's tank has gone a long way. I remember seeing it for the first in its initial stages back in 2003. He has worked meticulously and profusely ever since the beginning; from tank construction to CO2 chamber building to plant and fish selection. In a way, this tank is like a living diary. Also, he was one of the mods back then who got me all hyped up and started in this hobby. The green road of no return;) I can't say for others what this tank stands for, but for me it is a bold artistic statement. It is unlike either the Amano's nature or the Dutch's stoic arrangement. It is in a class of its own. Maybe because I have been exposed to this tank many times before so I don't really think it is too distracting to me in terms of colors. All in all, it is one of those tanks that you wish someday your own will be as good as it is in terms of fish health and plant liveliness.

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