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You can't really fault the picture here. Presentation of the photograph can make a big impact on the overal look of the scape.
Although amano doesn't use underexposure, he doesn't potray a lot of his images in his books/magazines as they normally are. He uses all sorts of additional side/top/back lighting. ..just a different approach at total presentation.

As for the scape...

1st, I really do like it. Simple and pleasing to the eye (which is a sum of many small things). The fern mound is particularly striking.

THere are a few elements that I am not head over heals on.
the rock doesn't really do it for me as it seems like either a second focal point in too small of an area. Perhaps the other rocks that make it seem harmonious are hidden in the darness of the picture?
The only other part I do not like is that the anubias nana feels too hidden amongst the hidden that it isn't on the plant list? ;). I probably would have tried another anubias coffeefolia (not sure of size, but the leaf color varience/texture would be a nice subtle contrast).
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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