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I have seen Erik work in person and his aquariums are extraordinary. If one look at the way Mr. Amano creates his layouts will always follow a few simple rules.
The RYUBOKU or driftwood aquascape uses 4 arrangements of driftwood and they can be accentuated by the use of rocks, Erik uses these arrangements very well. I have seen one of his latest design following a triangular arrangement like the one in 2002 the rocks are placed on the side supporting the dense planting on the corner. I think is hard to create the ultimate SUIKEI but trying is what make things fun using an X-shape, mound, triangular or a two section layout can help you not only to create but to develop your own style. Erik is work may look simple some times but there is a lot of heart and time in every of his layouts.
Just my two cents.
Luis Navarro
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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