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I had Discus with branchy wood, they never hurt themselves, an Arowanna perhaps might.

Gaudy blue dinner plate fish, points off for that:)

White sand with dark rocks is unnatural.......white sand comes from white rocks......darker sand would also bring out the colors more but give the tank far less bright feel also. I would use wood over dark rocks when using light colored sand.

Something about that just does not set right with me.

I would like to see more wood or plant or rock around the plant groups.
I do not like to see the crown of the plants in this display, I think it would look better with wood or rock hiding it.

Good points on using a sword plant in the proper sized tank and on stocking levels. Good choice there. I do not think the shrimps will last long in there(Discus Food).

Very nice tank

Tom Barr
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