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1) Does the aquascape make an original creative impression to the viewers?

I am torn on this question. I do not feel like I have seen many other tanks like this one, so it should count as original, but somehow it lacks on the creativity, for me.

2) Is the aquascape composed well (is there compositional balance within the aquascape)?

This tank is golden ratio all the way. The composition is classical, right down to the "placement" of the fish within the photograph.

3) Are the aquatic plants appropriately positioned within the aquascape? Does the balance exist in the colors and shapes of the plants used?

The plants are appropriately positioned in that I don't know if there is any other place to put them but the rear, but with pretty much all one color and leaf shape, there is little basis for evaluating balance between the plants themselves.

4) Do you feel harmony between the fish and the aquarium layout?

I think that the layout is well suited to the fish it houses, being that discus really appreciate lots of swimming room. I imagine the fish are quite happy. However, the fish seem to be little more than another layer on the canvas and are not actively "involved" in the aquascape.

5) Is the aquascape laid out well making a natural looking atmosphere?

The aquascape does not feel natural to me. There is an obvious layering happening, (swords, wood, rocks, white gravel) that persists across the entire length of the aquarium.

Some questions of my own:

1) What compositional rules does this layout follow? Which compositional rules does it break?

As mentioned before, the golden ratio is asserted strongly in the length of the left segment vs. the right.

2) What are the main elements in this layout? How do they work together harmoniously (or unharmoniously)?

The main elements are the swords, wood, rocks and gravel. The horizontal branching of the wood provides a nice counter to the vertical nature of the swords, and helps my eyes flow horizontally across the layout.

3) What type of atmosphere/impression does this layout seem to create for the viewer?

This scape feels like a painting to me, which is interesting it its own right.
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