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Hello everyone! I would like to make a few comments of this aquascape. If you follow the most recent work of Mr. Amano you will be able to see that his Ryoboku designs (Driftwood) use triangular mound, etc., arrangements, and Jeff's work is well done the size of the branches are ideal for the layout and the two section composition is also very well done.

Like Tom I used to be very careful of the color match of sand and rocks but since Mr. Amano began creating innovating designs which are inspired by nature I understand a lot more. There is many AQUAJOURNALS and SUIKEI magazine (specially vol. 3) as well as latest The Rio ***** the Amazon unexplored book that show many rock formations of different colors surround it by powder white sand and tremendous pieces of driftwood and it is from this scenarios many aquascapers have this new ideas.

I don't think the Discus are in any danger and the only reason I dare to say this is because I happen to live in the same city were Jeff's company is based so I get to see most of his work, besides they are cichilds the smartest fish of them all.

I was fortunate to see Hieko blahir presentation about Discus and he clearly describes the biotopes. And as far as I can remember there is no plant life where they live so that makes me think of this aquarium as a Nature aquarium for discus not a biotope for Discus but that's just me. About the colors well, like everything else there is a taste for wild varieties of discus as much as there is for the many new colorful varieties. I personally like tiny fish but I own 4 big Discus, mine are potpourri and I love them the same :p

The aquarium is in optimal conditions and Jeff is a very dedicated aquarist who enjoy aquascaping as much as most of us do.

Best regards,

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