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This tank was the wallpaper on my computer for about a year. It's amazing, and Jeff beat me to all the things I would say about it.

When you look at a design by a famous architect, you don't say, "That doesn't remind me of anything I know, therefore I don't like it." You look at if for the form, layout, shape, use of space, contrast, and other design/stylistic components. Same with this aquascape. The proportions, shadows, highlights, and other elements make you want to look at it all day. It's outta the box... the glass box :D

This tank looks just as good in person too which is hard to achieve. You can see the flaws of many aquascapes (like mine) when you're standing at the glass. Hehehe... this tank is dry at the moment. Ricky has taken the black rim off and trying to make an open top tank. Not sure what he will do next.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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