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I was wondering if someone out there could setup a sticky providing info on the current methods for providing lighting to an aquarium and a side by side comparison of how they match up (i.e. LED (especially) , Compact Fluorescent, Metal Halide). Examples of appropriate info which would be:

Watts to Run,
Lumens or some other actual measure of light output...
You get the idea.

Additionally, while I don't advocate people playing around with electricity, I think it would be great for there to be a resource here on APC which provides DIY steps or at very least some links to information about how to setup your own CF or LED (Especially LED) light system.

The best way to develop our hobby is progress through, if you will. I believe that this is one area (lighting) which has not being given due diligence because of the intimidation factor. If someone out there could assist in bringing this down to layman level or at least providing resources for allowing the layman to teach himself, I and others would be much obliged.

FYI, I am am no lighting expert, but I know a couple of you out there are, and I think this would be a great asset, esp. for those of us looking to experiment. I for one would like to learn a little more...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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