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wow.... the ignorance on this forum regarding LEDs is stunning.
I know this is my first post but I want to make something very clear. I have done very involved and extensive research regarding LEDs and plant growth. I even have a 29g medium/heavy planted tank growing under just a mere 15 LEDs @ 45w of power. The expected life before I need to look at replacing said LEDs is right around 20 years @ 8 hours a day).

Lemme clear up a few things.

All LEDs are not similar. a 5mm small little LED is not the same as the what the solaris units use, High Power LEDs. 5mm LEDs are in all regards to aquatic lighting, useless. Even with hundreds of them they still offer very little PAR. HP LEDs on the other hand, can match or even SURPASS MH in terms of PAR with enough of them, at a fraction of the power might I add.

I use just a mere 15 HP LEDs over my 29g tank and I'm getting far better growth than my 69w CFLs, with much less algae growth. I am contemplating an extra 6 LEDs for even better lighting.

So the next time you buy a little dinky 5mm LEDs and not seeing much growth, you know why. 5mm is useless for us aquatic plant growers.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it irks me when people complain that LEDs don't support plant growth when they are using the wrong kind of LEDs.
that was informative where would u get the leds?
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