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led lunar/moon light

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does anyone use this type of lighting at night? any pros/cons to using this type of lighting? i think it would look cool and i would be able to see the tank at night. does this bother fish in anyway? thanks.
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I have one in my light fixture and it looks neat, but I don't know if it's really necessary. It's supposed to stimulate natural conditions and be better for your plants and fish, but, who knows? It certainly does not bother my fish, but I have not witnessed any 'special' nocturnal behaviors.
It does help to see fish that usually only come out in the evenings and night. I've also been able to see just how many Malaysian trumpet snails I have since they come out after dark. I've never noticed it bothering any fish as the light isn't very bright.
I have this kind of light in one aquarium and it look really neat at total darkness, I dont know if it procure some benifit for Flora or fauna but it certainly give a natural touch to it and makes it enjoy your aquarium in other mode. Of course in real life not every night there's moonlight :D

I only use 2 led spot so moonlight is very very soft
I added 6 white LEDs into my hood a few years ago. Was fun to turn on at night, watch the nocturnal creatures. Doesn't do anything for them though. It quit working after a year or two and I never repaired it.

I just got a 9-LED flashlight free at a trade show. I velcroed this to the front of my hood, and it makes a great moon light. So I'm watching plecos at night again.
I like the shimmer in the water when the led's shine through the surface agitation. it looks neat and thats the whole point...well other than being able to view the nocturnal activity.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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