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Hi fellow CAPErs (lol, that's even better than Nutmeggers. I'm going with that from now on).

For my latest crazy fishroom expansion plan (seems like I have one of those every few months, y'know?) I'm in need of a bunch (by which I mean maybe a half dozen.. for now) of cheap 5.5 gallon tanks for shrimp breeding. Would also be interested in (equally cheap) acrylic tanks 10 gals. or less, on account of acrylic being far less likely to shatter and kill you if you hit it after falling down the stairs. (What? the bottom of the stairs is a perfectly legitimate place to put aquaria!).

So... yeah. All those small tanks that y'all tossed into your basement when you upgraded to bigger and better setups? I want 'em. Looking for bang for my buck (given that my bucks are rather limited), and of course the ability to hold water. ;) Would be willing to shell out a few more of said bucks if the tank comes with an appropriately sized (working) heater, incandescent light fixture (so I can slap a CFL in it and grow some moss for my shrimp), hinged glass top, and/or filter (sponge or box). If it's just the tank, no goodies, please don't ask for more than a dollar on the gallon. If you have the equipment but not the tanks, I might still be interested if it's cheap.

Would love to meet at the NAS auction for pick up, or I can possibly meet within 15 mins. of Easton, CT sometime during the week of the 6th. Would be willing to drive a little farther for multiple tanks, of course ;)
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