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One big reason why I believe that the south Florida freshwater plant hobby is so small is that LFSes here simply don't cater for freshwater. Plant selection is poor, information is poor... and there is a general lack of interest to go on top of that.

To start promoting interest in the area, I think we should try making friends with one or two LFSes. We should try to setup some sort of advertisement and encourage them to post it in their store. Art, how much do you know about this process? I know next to none.

I can contact Ricky and Tim Cincotta of the DFW club for some help. The DFW club is truly a model club --very active, ambitious. They grew tremendously within a year to nearly 50 members and hosted an AGA convention! How cool is that?

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I think that's a great idea. The four members of this club should try to identify the best LFS in the tri-county area. We should then make contact with the owner and try to get their interest and backing. If the best one won't, we move to the next best and so on.

I did strike some deals with LFS while I was importing ADA. I actually set up a Nature Aquarium in one in North Miami in order to drum up business.

I would contact the DFW folks and seek their advice and guidance. Then lets brainstorm here as to what we would tell the LFS owner so that they are willing to help. Remember, these people are mostly NOT plant hobbyists and plants represent less than 1% of their profits.
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