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Hello Everyone,

I just bought a Rimless tank from a LFS and it has a very strange dimension. The tank itself is SUPER NICE! It kinda looks like an ADA tank with rounded front edges. It is completely rimless and cost me around 40 dollars. When I asked the owner how many gallons the tank was they told me it was 10, but I highly doubt it. I believe it to be 7-8 gallon. Anyways...HAHA

Because this isn't a normal tank, the dimensions for this tank are as follow: 18''L x 11''W x 12''H. I am looking for a light that is 18'' in length so that I can have it sit on top of the tank. I want to have good lighting so that I can go high tech with this tank. I am also looking for something that looks slick and clean. I was wondering if anyone knows of any dealers or anyone that is selling what I am currently looking for.

I am looking for something like this light:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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