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Lighting a 90G Bow

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I am in the process of redoing a 90 Gallon Oceanic Bowfront and included in those plans are building a canopy. So, needless to say I will be doing something with the lighting. The tank is ~28" tall and depth varies between 23"-26". I have a glass cover on it...thanks to the little kitty cats trying to go fishing! Flourite substrate, pressurized CO2 through DIY reactor. I was dosing PPS Pro, but I may switch to Pfertz or Seachem or stick with PPS guys could chime in about that also. I initially made this tank extremely low maintenance because of the depth, I did not want to trim anything! I had/have Java fern, moss, Bolbitis, various Anubias, various crypts, TALL Sags, and some type of sword that grew out and open instead of up...I don't get it. I am looking to get a little more light on it so I can expand my choice of plants. Anyhoo, to my question.

I currently have 165 Watts of AH PC lighting on it. I have an extra 2x55 kit that I was thinking of adding. Now, I would either bring it up to 220W or 275W or change it completely. I would really prefer to not change it, as I already have plenty of PC lighting laying around. So, finally here comes the question.
What would be the ideal arrangement given my situation? 220, 275, changing PC out for T5 or MH? Would 275W of PC really do nothing except increase algae growth? Is it possible to get any type of ground cover in this tank?
Thanks for the input in advance!
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IMO with the depth of your tank you'd do much better with T5HO, MH if you want to grow a carpet (or HQI to combine the best of both worlds).

I'm using this fixture over my 90gal (I only run 108watts at a time b/c mine is a low light setup) with great results; no problems at all with my E. tenellus carpet. Ingg is running the same fixture over his high tech tank and also likes it ;)
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