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Heyy all,

Right now I'm in the search for lighting for an ADA 60-P

Despite the advantages of the various types of bulbs out there, I am basically set on T5HO's.

However.. I am having trouble deciding which one would look best on this tank!! I would love to mount the fixture from the ceiling but I don't think it would be a priority in the early setup of the tank. So requirements would be for the fixture to look good on legs as well as hung.

My absolute favorite by far is the arcadia overtank luminaire but its difficult to find in the US and veryyy expensive. I could basically buy an ADA fixture for this price.

Right now I am leanig towards the Oceanlight T5 by aquamedic.

If anyone could give me a little information on the appearance of this fixture or any other recommendations for fixtures or bulb combinations i would appreciate it!!

Anyways.. what would be your recommendations for 24" lighting choices???

Thanks a lot,

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