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Lighting for lowlight 5.5 gallon

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Anyone have any input as to what the best option is for lighting a 5.5 gallon, lowlight, low maintance aquarium. It will have mosses, anubias, Java fern Windelov and maybe some hairgrass in one corner. Inhabitants are still undecided but possible a pair of dwarf Aferican cichlids. The person it is for wants one or 2 fish with lots of personality.

I have been thinking of getting a 1x13 watt from AH Supply but fear the coverage will not be very good. The tank currently has a Prefecto flourescent hood that holds 1x8watt T5 lamp (I think it is 8 watts). IN the past I thought the light seemed pretty bright with decent coverage but now it seems very dull. Perhaps its age has caused it to loose alot of its intensity? I figured i could almost buy the AH kit for the cost of getting a bulb for the current hood. If ya'll think the current setup would be fine, what is a good replacement bulb? Who makes them in that size (12" I think)?

Thanks in advance:)
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yup..use too much light on low light plants.. they can grow crazy just like regular plants.. Plus there might be some Algae problem
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