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lighting help!

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Hey all,

I need some advice, i have a Hagen T5 HO 2 x 54w bulbs, but i have a 60 gallon planted tank, and that runs to less than 2 watts a gallon, so I bought a Current Dual satellite fixture, 4 CF bulbs 4x65 watt bulbs, 2 of them are actinic (those arent really useful for planted tanks correct?) for it, which brings it to over 4 watts per gallon

question... should i change blubs? and it (the current one) runs really hot, even with the fan on, while the Hagen powerglo doesnt have one, but light seems like its brighter, should i just return the dual sats, and just get another hagen power glow with aquaglo bulbs? (i understand they work better for planted tanks) and just bring it up to 216 watts for a 60g instead of the 260w, thanks all
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You have plenty of light with the 2 X 54 watt T5 bulbs. More light won't improve things, but will lead to more algae problems. With those T5 lights you can then do some research on fertilizing and CO2, and finally have everything needed for growing almost any aquatic plant you want.
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