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I've been into planted tank for more than 5 years. All these while I was using Philips T8 36w/18w 865 6500k light tube for the 4ft tank. After tear down my 4ft low tech tank, I was thinking to go for smaller tank for easy maintenance, a 2ft high tech planted tank. Equipment as below.

60cm x 30cm x 30cm, 54 litres
T5NO Hopar 14w 10000k
JET 3388 2000L/H, flow rate has been reduce to half of it
CO2 pressured with solenoid
Holland sand + root fertilizer + PMDD

I've been having brown algae for more than 2 months. I've read through a lot of article that brown algae only apprears during the cycle of new tank. After suffering of plants turn brown all the time, I tried putting yamato shrimp, SAE, Otto, not really helping much. Introduce by a friend to putting PSB daily to faster the speed of bacteria growth, been doing that for around 1 month and I saw improvement. Somehow, brown algae still exists in my tank although the tank has been cycle for more than 3 months with PSB added daily for a month.

Lately, I came across with some article from Taiwan and Hong Kong that light tube with more than 8000k is not suitable for planted tank because lighting with 10000k will cause algae issue. But some people are manage to grow plants very well with 10000k lighting.

So will it be the cause that 10000k lighting is not suitable for planted tank because my algae issue seem not able to resolve after more than 3 months and this is never happen to me for the past 5 years.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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