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Thinking through my lighting design and I'd welcome your input. I have a 90g acrylic tank (48 x 18 x 24) and a T-5 kit with five (5) 54w 6500k lamps and five (5) single lamp reflectors. If I mount the lampholders/standoffs directly to the underside of my canopy, the bulbs will be about 7" above the surface of the water. I realize that might be a little high for fluorescent bulbs but it would quite easy to mount the lamps in this fashion. An alternative would be to construct some kind of enclosure for the bulbs. This would enable me to place the enclosure directly on the top of the tank and position the lamps much closer to the water's surface, 2" perhaps. The challenge here other than constructing the enclosure would be dealing with the enclosure when maintaining the tank. The canopy is quite heavy and impractical to move for weekly maintenance. I can imagine a way to hang the enclosure from hooks attached to the underside of canopy to get it out of the way for maintenance. This would give me a little space to work, but not quite as much as I'd have if I simply mounted the lampholders directly to the underside of the canopy. So, I wonder if I have enough light to get away with just mounting the lamps a little higher than normal (I will be using pressurized CO2 supplementation). So what would you do? Thanks, Tim
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