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My tank has 250 litres with internal 30lit filter, but when all hard scapes and filter are subtracted it's effectively an 200-210 liter tank. I have a T5 lighting of 117 watts. I'm at the point of whether I want to go pressurized Co2 or not. I'm currently doing very well with just a regular fish load and EasyCarbo/Excel.

Plants: Several Echinodorus types, Anubias, Vallis, Rotala rotundifolia, Ludwigia repens, Bacopas, Crypts, Java ferns and mosses. All doing green and well. I got an outbreak of stagghorn algae but EasyCarbo killed it all for good. Sometimes I get a bit of Rhizoclonium on mosses, but I can manage to suck them with a hose during water changes.

However, I never had any success with carpet plants such as Staurogyne repens and E. parvula. Never had them take off... they just sat there doing nothing, eventually having long stems with just a tiny leaves (Stauro) or without any growth (parvula).

Several q's:
My lighting is T5 of about 0,5w per liter. Do you consider that low or hi-tech?
Do you think that these type of plants that I have would greatly benefit with pressurized CO2?
Is there some other carpet plants that I could try instead of these?

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