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lighting suggestions for a 125

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whats up. im looking to plant my 125 that i will be injecting co2 into, and using soil as well as dosing dry ferts. it

has glass tops, and a canopy that i built that i wouldnt be able to hang anything from. i was looking at PCs, but when i read that they

loose brightness over time i started thinking that t5 HOs might be the best way to go. this is my first real planted tank, and im not

looking to grow anything real crazy, i just want the plants that i have to be healthy. on the other hand, the tank has a piranha shoal of

10, and i would like to keep a good bit of swimming room, so i dont need plants growing super fast and taking over every week either.

from what ive read, it seems like 2-2.5 wpg might be a good area for me. i would prefer to have the entire tank lit equally, so maybe 2

36" fixtures as opposed to a single 48" fixture. most of the t5 ho setups i have seen are designed for reefs, so i would need to buy new

bulbs right off the bat, which kind of sucks. i have also seen some no name setups on ebay for good prices, but i questioned their

quality and longevity. any suggestions on some common setups would be appreciated. thanks, richard
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i forgot to add that the fixture that came with the tank has 4 30w t8s in it. i guess i will be using these as well. the current bulbs just say "eclipse full spectrum". do i need to replace these? if so, whats a good bulb? the plant bulbs seems to be around 3000k, and i dont think i want a redish color light. also are t-8s and t-10s swappable in the same fixture? i also think that maybe 2 wpg will be enough for what im trying to do. so once i replace the bulbs i have now, i will already have 120 watts, so i just need either a 48" or two 36" fixtures providing 100-150 watts, right? thanks

Model Description Lamps Fans Individually Contoured Reflectors Total Wattage Dimensions
CU01080 36" Nova Extreme Pro 6x39watt T-5 HO 3-10k/3-460nm actinics 2 yes 234w 36" x 12" x 4.25"
CU01081 48" Nova Extreme Pro 6x54watt T-5 HO 3-10k/3-460nm actinics 2 yes 324w 48" x 12" x 4.25"
CU01082 72" Nova Extreme Pro 12x39watt T-5 HO 6-10k/6-460nm actinics 2 yes 468w 72" x 12" x 4.25"

I also am working with a 125 and thinking of this 72" Nova.
If you just want to enhance the lighting you have they have some 36" for fresh water that are resonable.

It sounds like you have all of the questions that I have. I'm going with the same soil and CO2
I have to be sucessfull after suprising my wife with the purchase. (e-bay for $415)
I'll probably have $1200 more in it before planting.
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