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Ok, went to a light store today and they only had 18watt, 6500K lights...

The laady said I couldn't get a 2ft light more then 18watt..

What the..? How can I get 2w/p/g for my 22g if all I can find is these dumb 'extra white, 18watt, 6500k lights'

Where can I get a higher light with higehr wattage..???
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For your fitting you are stuck with 18W or 20W HO which would still only be run at 18W die to your ballast.

To get more light you need to get a different light fitting that allows you to use 2 or 3 T8s. If going via this route then you also have available the option to instead of getting T8 fittings and tubes buy T5 fittings and tubes instead. Even further up the scale you can then get T5HO.

All costs money and there are a huge amount of different units out there al claiming to be the 'best' with wildly exaggerated claims just to confuse you some more. lol

You need to decide whether you want to go with a ow light non CO2 tank and research the methods or upgrade the whole lighting setup.

The non CO2 method would still require you to get a reflector for the T8 you have!!!

By reflector, you mean the thing that holds it over the aquarium? If so, I already have that with my fluro bulb...

I really want atleast 2w/p/gn - So definately an over 44watt light.. Where should I go to get these things????

I went to 2 lighting stores and both said they only had 18watt fluros...
Hi Demi,

If you go with compact florescent bulbs a 36 watt 6700K is about 17.5" long. A 2X36 watt DIY kit would be about 17.5"L x 7"W x 2"H not counting the enclosure. Here is a link that might help:
Hey, would this work!!!!!????

Could I have my 18watt light (6500k) on the 22g, aswel as 2 of these things?

That would give me a much mroe desirable wattage, wouldn't it?
Hi Demi,

It would definitely improve the brightness of your tank, and help your plant growth. Look for bulbs with a spectrum of about 6500K or a "Daylight" rating.

That being said, these type of compact florescent bulbs are not the most efficient in that you will not receive the full benefit of the wattage they are using. With the bulbs shown, some of the light is lost due to "Restrike", where the light from one tube is blocked by another tube either directly or after bouncing off the reflector. A linear tube, like a T5, with a parabolic reflector will provide more light per watt, but will cost more of course!
Ok, well I am gonna try and make the DIY light/s then..

My 18watt light on my 22g, has 6500k and a daylight rating... Does that mean its a pretty good bulb?

I am hoping to get 2 of those CF lights for the DIY to have a very high wattage...

Do you think with a DIY light and my 18watt light, I'll be able to grow Amazon, Melon Swords and Dwarf Hairgrass?

EDIT: I'll ahve a look out for linear tube then..
Hi Demi,

I am able to grow swordplants with 2.5 watts per gallon, CO2, and PPS-Pro fert dosing. I also use Seachem Flourish Tabs because swords are heavy feeders. But I was not able to get dwarf hairgrass to grow in that tank. Try it, see if it works!
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