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I haven't cut these yet so I don't know how many stems I have but I have a large bush that needs to be hacked down. I will be selling tops and they are in good shape.

L. Aromatica - $1 per stem...anywhere from 6" to 15" i am guessing.
R. Rotundifolia - $0.50 per stem...anywhere from 4" to 12" another guess.
Java Moss - $4 per golf ball
Handful of Pennywort - $2

all from this tank

I will ship this week. I ship USPS priority w/ delivery confirmation. Shipping is $6. Paypal accepted. If you pay CC (you pay fee) then you need to let me know so I can adjust your total. Mind your weather, no heat packs.

First come, first served through PM's.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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