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Limnophila sessiliflora availability

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Do you ever get Limnophila sessiliflora in stock? I know, a wierd request, but I'm breeding some species that like fine-leaved plants and L. sessiliflora is less demanding than some other species. It'll be going into a 10g with 2.8WPG of T5 lighting, CO2 injection. The alternative was Didiplis diandra or the green foxtail, which you have, but I've worked with the Limnophila before in a similar setup and it did well.

Thank you in advance.

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No, its a federally prohibited plant. Myriophyllum red or green is a really fast grower.
Aww man! Such a good plant too. I remember when they declared H. polysperma noxious a while back. I loved that plant and was super frustrated when I couldn't get it anymore. Do you think the Myriophylum will work with the 2.8WPG (T5s) over 10g with CO2 injection (not pressurized) that I plan on? I'm not looking for amazing, trim every week growth, but I don't wan rot or decay. It's important that I have a fine leaved plant. Either that or it's Didiplis dandra, but I really want the much finer leaves. The Boraras species will want it.

Thanks for the quick replay. I've been in this hobby for years, and I can't believe I haven't used you guys yet. I must live under a rock or something.

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