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Funny thing---posts in the album are attributed to the correct person on the gallery page that lists all the albums, but when you read a post, it is attributed to the wrong person. For example, a comment on "Another Unknown" by me is attributed to me on the gallery page, but the actual post is attributed to Phil Edwards, and I know he didn't do it. A comment on Cryptocoryne affinis by GmoAndres is attributed to Spammy, who has no posts at all. If, when on the gallery page, you click on HeyPK, you go to the profile of Phil Edwards. If you click on tsunami, you get the profile of fbyrns, who has only one post. Almost every one of the names on the gallery page links to the wrong person. I found two exceptions, Administrator, and Travis. Names seem to be linked correctly to profiles on the forum pages.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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