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Glad you enjoyed the meeting it was nice to put a name with a face. I am pretty sure of the plant ID's with the exception of 1 and 3. I think 1 & 3 are the stuff Damon got in the mail last week during the heat wave. They are pretty rough looking due to shipping so they are a little hard to ID. Hopefully they pull through. He may know for sure what they are.

If you can take a pic with 1 and 3 in the water it may make it a bit easier to ID them.

1)Rotala macrandra "Green"
2)Lagarosiphon madagascarensis
4)Blyxa japonica or Blyxa aubertii
5)Water Sprite
6)Hygrophila balsamica
7)Bacopa caroliniana
8)Najas indica

The first three may need more light than you have. Try them and see how they do. I have found that a lot of the light recommendations are over stated. I have grown most of the above species in my 75 with less then 1.5wpg in the past. The DIY CO2 will help also.
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