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Do you guys notice that the loaches like to uproot plants?
I have quite a few large clown loaches (6-7") that just love to uproot the plants. Now there is only java ferns attached to the driftwood. Just wondering if you guys experienced this too?
Also I don't really notice the loaches actively eating the snails, although I do feed them regularly. However, during vacations and skipped feedings I sorta notice the MTS size go down, so there are only smallish ones left.
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yes they will wreck your plantscape. and yes they are eating the say you will notice...ALL GONE!
Da good and da bad of loaches,
Yeah, I totally agree, but personally, I think loaches bring so much character to an aquarium, with all their antics. There negatives kinda overrule their bad side. Unfortunately, aquascaping becomes really difficult.
There are a few (ack, the dogs went on a barking jag and totally made me lose my train of thought....), but I think what I was going to say is a few plants that root themselves well can withstand even the antics of large Clown loaches and such.

Otherwise there are plenty of options like Anubias, mosses or java fern that can be attached to driftwood or rock and still give you a nice planted look, without the upset.
There are also several loaches that are small enough that they can't do much damage. Sidthimunkis provide lots of "clowning around" and they're beautiful too. Hard to find, and expensive, but fabulous fish.
I do have some java fern and mosses attached to driftwood. But I will look into anubias, their unique leave texture and shape may break up some of the lines that the java fern leaves make.
Oh yeah BryceM,
I wish I could afford a school of Yasuhikotakia sidthimunkis, they would look amazing especially since they love to swim in the mid-water region. I do have some other botias sp. like kubotai and rostrata. They don't seem to be able to uproot the plants as easily, probably due to their size.
Once rooted, crypts and swords are pretty much loach proof, too. I've had Yo Yo's forever and they root around in the substrate but don't bother the plants. You can weight them down until they root-the crypts and swords, not the loaches. Dan
You can weight them down until they root-the crypts and swords, not the loaches. Dan
LOL! I suppose weighing the loaches down might work too..... :rolleyes:
I may look into weighing down the loaches. There soo darn fast when I whip out the camera! What do you suggest to weight them down with, lead weights (referring to the loaches)? :D
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