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Although extremely easy to grow IME, one thing of note is that this plant will literally melt if you happen to overdose K relatively to some-other-nutrient(s)-that-I-have-not-been-able-to-figure-out (suspecting Ca/Mg but who knows).
OMG :shock: :!: That very thing happened to me, once, and the only thing I could think of that I was doing differently was adding K2SO4. I wasn't even adding very much, but I think the problem was that I wasn't dosing anything else at the time, so the water must have been "empty." It was the most sickeningly fast and virulent thing I'd ever seen happen to any plant. One day, my dwarf lobelias were looking very beautiful, then suddenly, they started melting from the *tips* (which made me think it was a disease of some sort). Five days later, they were rotted clear down to the roots, and I was very depressed about this for months :-({|= . Never figured out what really happened, but maybe this was it!

Anyway, at least this melt-down hasn't happened again.

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