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Lobelia sessiflora - is there such thing?

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Today I saw in the "for sale/trade" forum an offer for Elatine orientaris. Of course, I figured the "r" should really be an "l" and did a Google search this way. Well, to make a short story long, after I saw that most of the hits were research-type things, I tried with an "r". I got a few hits this way. More interestingly, I found the following site:

It not only listed the Elatine orientaris, but I found a few additional species I've never heard of, and one of them was Lobelia sessiflora. Naturally, I thought it was a mistake because the plants listed above it were the Limnophila spp. But I scrolled back up and saw that they actually had Limnophila sessiflora with the correct photo. So I wonder, has anybody ever heard of Lobelia sessiflora and if it's real, could it be a true aquatic?

I saw some other interesting plants on the site that I've never heard of, but I think they were from genuses that I always end up killing.

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