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Local Fissidens and Eriocaulons FS/FT

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My local Fissidens cultivation tank is up and running and I have several portions for sale. I'm charging $10 per golfball sized clump or am willing to trade 1 golfball each for:

10 stems of blyxa japonica
10 stems of hygrophilia polysperma "rosenverig"
5 stems rotala macrandra
5 stems of limnophila aromatica
Equal portion of riccia
Equal portion of flame moss
3" x 3" square of glossostigma elatinoides

I also have a local species of Eriocaulon cultivating in my 55 gallon. I'm selling them for $5 per plant or will trade 2 plants for one of each of the trades above.

If anyone is interested, please PM me. Shipping is always $10 flat rate USPS for as much as I can stuff in a box.
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You stated that "I also have a local species of Eriocaulon cultivating in my 55 gallon"
I am wondering what you mean by cultivating? Did you reproduce the plants in your aquarium or did you find them in the wild and transplant them to your aquarium. It looks like Ericaulon aquaticus(M?). Please let us know. Thank you.
It case anyone concern there are no eriocaulons listed as protected endangered or threatened on the NYS-DER website.
I picked them and put them in my tank. The larger specimens are looking like they are going to split. At the moment, what I have for sale are healthy, growing, wild collected specimens. Once the larger ones begin splitting I will have captive cultivated specimens for sale. I am assuming they are E. Aquaticum, but won't know until the professor at the local university comes back and can give some guidance towards a definite identification. Thank you for clarifying that they are not endangered. I had checked but neglected to mention that they are on the up-and-up.
The Fissidens is not a fissidens, it is Drepanocladus sp. It was confirmed by a report done on a nearby lake naming it as such. It is a liverwort, not a moss and I would imagine it would be better suited in a role similar to java ferns or anubias, tied singularly versus in a clump. I'm going to stop selling it until I have down what exactly it likes and dislikes. I am also sold out of erios at the moment as well, sorry. Sorry for the mislabeling and confusion.
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