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Two shrimp tanks and a patio pond.
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So it turns out my local pet store has a good selection of aquatic plants! The set up is immersed! Not in sad tubes! There’s a large variety but they have no soil and no light. It’s kind of a mess but the plants are alive and ready to plant! The only light these poor plants have is the tube lighting in the store 😭 I’m about 2 weeks out from flooding my shrimp tanks so I might add one or two of these plants.
I am setting up some small shrimp jars (2 gallon each) and I might need another immersed plant for the water column. I need something that WON’T get too big and take over but I’d like a good healthy grower too. A 2 gallon jar isn’t much space! Does anything stick out to you? I need tiny but mighty, not an ultra slow grower.

Does anything catch your eye? A small yet robust grower?

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