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BTW, when getting a forum and online presence do you think its better to have a forum administered by the club on their own website (financially hosting is cheap, like $50/yr at some places) or at a larger site that you can sign up for a subforum on (like here?).
I'd like a blog to go along with it for news and to post articles.
I think they both have their merits. APC has a much larger member base and can be seen by more people in the hobby. SWOAPE has had a forum here for probably 3 years now and recruited lots of new members. However, having your own site gives you more flexibility to add your own content and keep things a bit more organized than a single large forum.

Hoppy, another excellent idea, thanks for sharing! I put an add up on Craig's List for SWOAPE today and will let you know how it works for us. Man, why can't I ever think of these things :)
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