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Looking for invertebrates, what to get?

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Hola peeps,

Looking for something to help keep the bottom and plants (especially the Java moss) clean. Thinking about Malaysian trumpet snails, amano shrimp or cherries (i'll try amanos first, if they live i'll try cherries).

Any recommendations? Also, how many of them should i get? I have a 20 long tank.

Decorations: 1/2 coconut shell, driftwood, fugly polyresin fake rock thing
Flora: Amazon sword, echinodorus tennellus, anachris, wisteria, java moss, lobelia cardinalis
Fauna: 2 african clawed frogs, 1 bristlenose plec0, 2 banjo cats, 7 platies (now with fry) =)
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amano shrimp or cherries BOTH they are very good with each other one eats something that the other doesn't
I think your African Clawed Frogs would be the bane of anything you are looking into getting.
If you want to raise the fry you already have, I'd consider getting rid of the frogs. Then you could think about some of the shrimp as well.

There really is no better remedy to keep the bottom clean than regular water changes with vacuuming - especially considering you have the Bristlenose, and they are "poop machines" (for lack of a better term . :oops: )....
yup, I gotta echo what Jan says....the clawed frogs will eat almost everybody, and your plecos are poopin' up the joint.

african DWARF frogs are much better company for your fish.
once spock and sam die (which might be a loong time, they can live up to 30 years from what i've heard), I'm going to switch to dwarfs. they're supposed to like planted tanks. As for the bristlenose, compared to the platies he doesn't put out anything.
If you decide to get some shrimp, remember to give your frogs cocktail sauce to go with 'em! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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