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Looking for Nano Fish

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Has anyone seen some good nano fish around? Things like mosquito rasboras and other small fish. I am looking for some for a nano tank and hardly ever see these type of fish available locally. Thanks!
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Thanks for the tips everyone, I have found some cool nano fish at All About Fish in Long Beach in the past. Everywhere else is a pretty far drive for me, probably cheaper to order online...but I will definitely check them out if I am in the area.
One of my favorite little fish is the neon blue rasbora
Me too, I used to have a group... If I could find them again I would totally buy more. I even started a thread about them on APC in 2005.
I just found some "red belly tetras" at Pacific Reef in Fountain Valley. I believe they are actually microrasboras as that is what they look like and I have never heard of red-belly tetras before?? But they are 1.99 each and if you buy three you get 1 free so they are a pretty good deal. I'll try to get pics when they color up.

EDIT: They are green fire tetras, pretty fish but they might grow bigger than I want. Still an excellent price though and other tetras were similarly priced as well.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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